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Angharad Jenkins

Account Executive

What I have done…
I graduated from the University of Bristol in the summer of 2015 with a combined degree in English Literature and Philosophy. Having always wanted to travel, I decided to dedicate my year after University to saving for an extensive trip around the world, starting in Singapore and making my way across Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, French Polynesia, and the US. Off the back of my adventure, I decided to implement my love of travel professionally. I started working as an intern in a boutique luxury travel PR agency in September 2016, which served as an invaluable introduction to PR, and gave me the necessary experience for starting my career at Hills Balfour.

What I do now…
I am delighted to have joined Hills Balfour as an Assistant Account Executive, I work across a diverse and exciting portfolio of Destination Tourist Boards covering the globe from the Pacific Islands and the US to the Middle East and Mediterranean Europe.

What I do for fun…
As much as I love London, I always love escaping at the weekends, particularly to see family in Wales and Cumbria, where I can go walking along the beach or climbing in the Lake District. I love travelling to see friends either in London or those scattered across the country. Running has always been a hobby of mine, and I am passionate about films and music, so you’ll also find me at cinemas, concerts and theatre shows.

What I bring to Hills Balfour…
I bring bags of enthusiasm, and am eager to learn everything there is about the industry so I can become an established account manager. I bring a genuine, deep-seated love of travel and am passionate about my clients, I want to be able to communicate their values to the media and shift current perspectives.