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Anna Hobbs

Senior Account Executive

What I have done…
After completing my degree in English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Leeds I packed up my life and headed to South America. There, I explored my love of food and travel before returning and working for a rapidly growing e-commerce company. I then travelled around South East Asia, finally settling in Hanoi, Vietnam. I lived and worked there for a year and a half, picking up both teaching and PR experience and spending holidays exploring neighbouring countries. Now that I am back in London I am very excited to be joining Hills Balfour and working in an industry that I have always had a passion for.

What I do now…
I am currently an Assistant Account Executive working on a very exciting new account.

What I do for fun…
I love to travel and visit new places, even just for the weekend! If I am in London, then I like to pretend that I am a tourist and find new places to visit. I also love heading to Hampstead Heath or Richmond Park. I love to read and paint and a day spent doing either of those things will always leave me happy and relaxed.

What I bring to Hills Balfour…
I bring enthusiasm and excitement as well as great communication skills. I have a passion for the travel industry and bring a fresh perspective through my own experiences.