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Fiona Clarke

Account Manager

What I have done...
After graduating in 2008 with a BA Hons degree in Journalism, I gained experience writing for two consumer magazines before the travel bug distracted me and took me around the world. On my return I made the move into PR and completed two internships over six months. It was during my PR internship at Tourism New Zealand that I realised travel and destination PR was the dream job for me.
What I do now...
Starting as a PR account executive, I had the pleasure of working on a variety of exciting accounts including the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. I now work on the Abu Dhabi account at their prestigious offices in central London.
What I do for fun...
I love being active in the great outdoors whether hiking or cycling and always like to try new sports. A mojito with good food and friends is the best way to spend an evening.
What I bring to Hills Balfour...
A love for travel having ventured through six continents, enthusiasm, dedication and a love for spending all day talking about exciting destinations.