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Lucy Campbell

Social Media Director

What I have done…
Brought up in Africa and Hong Kong I came to London to complete a Psychology degree but have had the travel bug all my life.  After working for EMI Music as their Marketing and Promotions manager I moved to Australia to work for Mushroom Records.  I re-trained as a Pilates teacher whilst bringing up my three children and started a blog.

What I do now…
As one of the pioneering parent bloggers, I am now working with Hills Balfour on their Social Media programmes, working on the development of online/offline campaigns and on the Hills Balfour website content.

What I do for fun…
Travel as much as possible. Read voraciously.  Blog.  Hang out with my children and my friends.

What I bring to Hills Balfour…
I’m not sure....still trying to work it out.  Some level of experience and maturity, mixed with an immaturity beyond my years which has resulted in a massive excitement about being involved with such a passionate and brilliant company.