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Niamh Thompson

Account Executive

What I have done…
As a recent fashion marketing graduate from Northumbria University, I have been building up essential skills and knowledge as well as maintaining a strong social media platform; this has involved collaborations with several fashion and beauty brands. Part of my degree included a year in industry and I have been lucky to work with prestigious luxury fashion brands in the PR and marketing departments, including Jimmy Choo and Mulberry. I have been fortunate enough to explore the world in my own leisure time, gaining an absolute passion and admiration for travel.

What I do now….
I joined the team in October 2017, as the Sales and Marketing Account Executive for a variety of exciting clients. I have started my career working on accounts including Hawai‘i, Santa Monica and Bahrain. 

What I do for fun…
My deep thirst to learn and explore the world, encourages me to do something new on a regular basis! I am invested in becoming culturally aware of my surroundings; spending my weekends drifting around art galleries and museums.

What I bring to Hills Balfour…
Due to the creative edge that my fashion degree offered, I am able to provide a fresh perspective in my role, bringing exciting new opportunities and brands to the Hills Balfour team. I have a strong enthusiasm to learn, and positive outlook on life. Using my transferable skills, I also have the ability to mould myself to any type of task that is given to me.