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Nick Evans

Account Manager

What I have done…
My first foray into both the travel industry and social media came while travelling through Latin America. I was picking up freelance work along the way for a group of hostels and, on the back of that, worked in Ecuador for three months creating a new social strategy for Exclusive Hotels and Haciendas of Ecuador. Drawing from those experiences and a deep fascination with both social and digital media I founded Student Dimension, while at Bristol University studying Spanish, a small marketing company designed to help small organisations break into the new world of communication we live in. Since graduating and moving to London I have worked in all areas of the social and digital spectrum, from filming and editing to content creation and consultation for the likes of Discover New England, South Africa Tourism, Discover Canada and STA Travel to Microsoft and McDonalds.
In 2014, I was invited to be a partner of Vida Digital, a new media think-tank that specialises in understanding modern media ecology and the talent that works within it. I was also made a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2015 for my work within the education sector with an organisation called Foresight and recently assisted Nesta, the self-proclaimed ‘innovation foundation’, in their study of hyperlocal media platforms across the UK.

What I do now…
I am the Social and Digital Account Manager for the LVCVA. The team here oversee all social and digital activity across Europe for Las Vegas, from big picture activations to day to day management and content creation.

What I do for fun…
Having grown up aboard, in both Latin America and Iceland, travel is very much in my veins and whenever I can I will head off to explore a different part of the world. I also love spending time with friends and family and am also working my way through an enormous bucket list at the moment, last year I ran the London Marathon and this year I did the London triathlon.

What I bring to Hills Balfour…
I bring nearly 9 years of experience working in social media, but most importantly I bring an eagerness to stay ahead of the curve and better understand the trends that drive this digital phenomena forward. I bring this enthusiasm the work I do and look forward to generating outstanding, impactful and efficient social and digital marketing campaigns with the team.