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Sam Hancock

Account Director

What I have done…
I have represented tourist boards in Southern Africa such as Namibia and KwaZulu-Natal, as well as the leading and largest hotel chain in Africa and various other hotels and private game reserves in Africa, Indian ocean and Middle East. Prior to this I worked for the UK's leading independent skiing retailer. While at University I did part time brand work for Coca-Cola and a major newspaper in South Africa. My majors were Marketing and Media and Communications. 

What I do now…
I joined Hills Balfour in August 2010 as the Account Manager for North Carolina Division of Tourism and have since acquired a further mix of exotice Sales and Marketing accounts across the globe and run a motivated team of 6.

What I do for fun…
Growing up on a farm in South Africa has brought me to appreciate the outdoors and travel. I enjoy meeting new people and sport has given me great opportunities to socialise and network in different circles. 

What I bring to Hills Balfour…
Apart from being cool calm and collected I come from a strong trade background and have a number of different contacts and strong relationships within the industry ranging from niche markets to your main stream travel companies. I have an ability to network well on all levels creating fantastic opportunities for current clients and bringing in new business.