‘Top Ten’ Travel Trends for 2020

‘Top Ten’ Travel Trends for 2020

From greener, cleaner travel to stress-free 'me time' and short but sweet weekend breaks, here are our ‘Top Ten Travel Trends’ for 2020.

1. Tagskryt (train-bragging)

Forget flying, Tagskryt, pronounced 'tag sturt' is a Skandinavian term for train-bragging. The new trend for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on air travel yet still be able to see the world.

Travel the Trend: One way to start the new year with cleaner and greener travel is by booking with Generator, an award winning accommodation provider located in the hub of some of the best cities in Europe and on the Eurostar line (including Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Hamburg, Venice, Rome). For globetrotters who want to rediscover the romance in train travel and immerse themselves in Europe's thriving culture, all Generator properties are a stone’s throw from the main train stations, the perfect option for those who want to be in the heart of the city and its social scene, but don't want to pay a fortune. With its unique mix of cool designs, friendly atmosphere and centrally located spaces, Generator makes all travellers feel welcome. www.staygenerator.com

2. Philantourism

Philantourism is the act of choosing holidays and experiences that support a destination; for example, by eating, shopping and touring locally so that money is going into the pockets of the local community and helps to create sustainable growth.

Travel the Trend: In addition to its rich culture, history and idyllic white sand beaches, a trip to Puerto Rico offers visitors unique opportunities to support its local communities in 2020. The aftermath of Hurricane Maria has seen the mobilisation of a network of cooks, farmers and restaurateurs to help rebuild the island by reclaiming Puerto Rico’s agricultural and culinary independence. The farm-to-table movement, which began in 2018, champions locally-sourced food over importation, with ingredients sourced only from local farms and producers, boosting local businesses and sustainable agriculture. Visitors can get involved at restaurants such as Verde Mesa, 1919 Restaurant, and Vianda, whilst those seeking a full immersion can stay at Finca Victoria, a two-and-a-half-acre botanical farm guesthouse, tucked into the hills of one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful islands – Vieques. www.discoverpuertorico.com

3. Edventure

Edventure, or educational adventure, is designed for those looking for travel experiences that are enriching on numerous levels. 2020 will host a remarkable array of 'Edventure' holidays where travellers can immerse themselves in the destination by learning all about it while they explore its offerings.

Travel the Trend: The inaugural Pride of the Americas Festival at Great Fort Lauderdale in April 2020 exemplifies Edventurism, combining Florida sun, with a festival of celebrations and an educational programme of seminars and conferences on issues affecting LGBTQ+ communities across the Americas and worldwide. From conferences and symposiums designed to educate and inspire, to Pride parades, art festivals, concerts and beach parties where excitement and adventure await, its no wonder 35,000 travellers are expected to attend. The week will also feature A-list entertainment, top DJs, drag brunches and fashion shows modelled by male, female, transgender and drag models in an inclusive and colourful environment where anyone can learn, have a laugh and let their hair down. https://www.sunny.org/prideamericas/

4. Undertourism

With tourism establishing itself as a core economic sector in just a few decades, the number of individuals travelling to certain destinations has massively increased. Tourism has helped these places to thrive financially, however, overcrowding and seas of selfie sticks have also created tensions with locals and encroached into surrounding environments. Therefore, in 2020 the concept of Undertourism is on the rise.

Travel the Trend: Vienna is developing a vision for the future whereby instead of focusing on increasing numbers of visitors, the tourist board are doing quite the opposite. Vienna are putting sustainable growth first and focusing on balancing the needs of visitors and residents carefully in their Visitor Economy Strategy 2025. This has led to 9 out of 10 Viennese locals seeing tourism as having a positive impact on their city as the new strategy places its emphasis on tourism that adds value for Vienna’s residents and businesses. https://b2b.wien.info/en/strategy-brand/tourism-strategy

5. Responsible tourism

With 2019 shining a spotlight on the importance link between sustainability and travel, we move into 2020 with the sense of a collective desire to both live and travel in a way that is more conscious of our climate and responsive to its needs.

Travel the Trend: As a leading U.S. green travel destination, visitors to Santa Monica don’t have to sacrifice the indulgences of luxury in order to “go green”. This LA beach city’s forward thinking and conscious approach to sustainable tourism provides travellers with a fantastic opportunity for a more eco-friendly holiday. The city itself has already shown its dedication to the ‘go green’ as a trail-blazer in the banning of single-use plastics in 2019 and through its commitment to the long term goal of reaching zero-waste by 2030. Santa Monica has a number of eco-friendly accommodations that can reduce the carbon footprint of travellers to the city, and also encourages visitors to explore its eight neighbourhoods on foot or bike, rather than by car. www.santamonica.com

6. Rediscover destinations that have reinvented themselves

2020 will see a rise in the number of destinations wanting to reinvent their reputation and educate their visitors about what else they have on offer.

Travel the Trend: As a popular backpacker stop, Vang Vieng, Laos used to be associated primarily with tubing and partying. However, the area has slowly been reinventing itself and in 2020, we encourage travellers to rediscover the destination, and all that it has to offer. Vang Vieng has grown into a bountiful hub for nature lovers and those seeking adventure and a holiday off the beaten track. With the launch of the first international hotel, Amari Vang Vieng, travellers now have the perfect base from which to explore the region. Set in the heart of the city along the Nam Song River, surrounded by dramatic limestone mountains, the hotel is designed to meet the needs of the modern traveller. The earthy tones and cool hues of the interior design are reflective of the new sense of tranquillity in Vang Vieng, juxtaposed with the myriad of exciting activities and adventure to discover. www.amari.com/vang-vieng

7. Learn something new

'New Year, New You' and for those with itchy feet and eager to learn a new skill, 2020 is the year to put your new skills to the test worldwide.

Travel the Trend: Travellers looking to learn a new skill in 2020 can learn to dive in Bahrain, the Island Kingdom in the Arabian Gulf, before putting their skill to use and exploring the world’s largest underwater theme park. Covering an area of over 100,000 square metres and featuring a 70-metre long decommissioned Boeing 747 as its centrepiece, divers can swim through the underwater spectacle, whilst admiring the marine life and coral. https://bahrain-alwayswarmer.co.uk/

8. Friendmoons

Friendmoons are holidays that are taken with close friends to celebrate milestones such as weddings, friendiversaries and other big life events. Newlyweds are beginning to invite their closest friends to join them on their honeymoons to celebrate their next chapter together.

Travel the Trend: Gather the gang post-wedding and head for a pamper retreat in The Palm Beaches. Friendmooners looking to travel abroad post-wedding should look no further than The Palm Beaches in Sunny Florida. Boasting an abundance of sunshine, 47 miles of Atlantic coast and experiences to induce relaxation and tranquillity, from spa treatments to private catamaran cruises, this is the place for friends to unwind and relax in style. www.thepalmbeaches.com

9. Micro-cations

Micro-cations are shorter, more frequent trips to be taken throughout the year as opposed to one big annual trip. They require less preparation, therefore alleviating the stress that comes with handovers, booking time off and planning a longer trip. Microcations are perfect for those in need of a bit of a recharge, minus the stresses of planning a longer trip.

Travel the Trend: Money-rich, time-poor travellers looking to tag on a holiday following a business trip to Washington or New York can head to Baltimore, Maryland for a quick mini-break. Fondly known as ‘Charm City’, travellers can explore the city’s 250 colourful neighbourhoods, indulge in fresh seafood and explore the diverse waterfront destination, rich in history and culture. 2020 will see the buzz around Baltimore reach new heights as the city continues to undergo a marked transformation and urban renaissance. https://baltimore.org/

10. Me-cations

2020 will see couples holidaying separately, dedicating more 'me-time' to enjoy experiences of their choice – without the kids and partner-in-tow!

Travel the Trend: Canada offers an ultimate self-indulgent trip, where visitors can embark on a Big Five Safari in Manitoba. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts who are looking for a holiday to spoil themselves can go spotting for the big Five (black bear, bison, moose, polar bear and beluga whales) to reconnect with nature and a way of reconnecting with oneself. https://frontier-canada.co.uk/holiday/big-five-safari-wildlife-viewing-in-manitoba/