Brand USA Travel Week
The fourth addition of Brand USA Travel Week took place September 26 - 29 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. With 509 attendees across the week, including 175 U.S. exhibitor attendees (these are US DMOs, RTOs, Transportation companies etc) and 133 buyer attendees (from across 19 countries). 3,677 pre-scheduled appointments were undertaken. There were also 18 market updates, 18 speakers in the enrichment series and 4 evening events.

This year also saw the return of the CEO Summit where 28 CEO's from the exhibitor companies attended and met with top U.K. and European media. 60 CEO interviews took place as well as six press briefings and six aviation sessions.

A new addition to the event this year was Brand USA Media Forum where 47 of the U.K. and Europe's leading travel media met with US exhibitors in over 700 pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings.