For the love of the game

Adidas - For the love of the game



adidas’ investment in product categories has meant the master brand has suffered. Our task: to identify a compelling red thread that was true to the brand, supportive of the categories and powerful for modern consumers.



After extensive research, internal alignment processes and the Big Tool, we identified a common red thread that could tie together all the competing categories. This thought is 'All In’, one voice and ethos, no matter whether selling sport or lifestyle. The idea was that in order to get the most out of life, you need to be committed to what's important to you. Be 'All In', no matter what your chosen discipline - sportsperson, DJ, artist or fashionista. We created guidelines that explained how 'All In' should be utilised across adidas, from performance and football through to Y3 in fashion, allowing the individual division to define their take on the brand line and find their space within the retail environment.